malaga padel 2015Big change of scene: There would be more world in Malaga next November.

These championships seem well canceled simply.

The worst suspicions have been confirmed today: The organizers have confirmed the suspension of the 12e Padel World Championships that was to be held from 9 to November 15 in Malaga.

The organizers explain that the main pairs of padel world (ranking of the International Padel Federation) did not wish to participate in these padel world championships.

Disruption and financial loss for participants

These championships discredit the international padel authorities.

First, these padel world championships were to be held in Miami. FIP will not fail to congratulate and make an official statement in this regard.

But last January, turnaround. The Padel Pro Tour, which was thought to be absorbed by the World Padel Tour, is highlighted by withdrawing the organization of these world championships from FIP. Miami could have been kept as venue for these championships. But the PPT had decided otherwise. He finally chooses Malaga, a cradle of the padel.

While the end of the entries was postponed to October 21, the PPT announces a day after the impossibility of achieving these padel world championships.


First, why did the best paddle pairs in the world not want to compete at these padel world championships?
Financial and political reasons certainly. We will certainly know a little more in the coming days.

The registered players, who had already paid plane tickets etc., will they be reimbursed?
This should be perfectly normal. Yet nothing is less certain. What is even more incredible: There is nothing yet written on this subject on the website of the International Padel Federation. So there is every chance that some pairs are still seen tonight under the sun of Malaga in 20 days.

Why postponed registration deadlines at 20 October if tournament cancellation was unavoidable?
Question that will certainly remain unanswered. But the organization of this event will be put to the test.

European 2015 Padel ChampionshipCan the European championships be questioned?

This event has nothing to do with the Malaga world championships since it is the FIP that directly manages the European paddle championships. But we already know that Spain could miss the call which would obviously be a huge blow (of grace?) Brought to this competition scheduled for the month of December in the Netherlands. Case to follow ...

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