So yes, this is a French stage that is more in Monaco, so we may be a bit involved.

However, the Monte Carlo Padel Master 2016 was an extraordinary year both in terms of the game, the many surprises and the extended matches.

If there were in the end, not too many surprises for the winners of Monte Carlo Padel Master, 2 pairs stood out in particular:

TELLO / CHINGOTTO: future big?

Monte Carlo Padel Master will have seen this young and surprising Argentinian pair TELLO / CHINGOTTO almost level off against world number two Paquito / Sanyo from the round of 16.

This young Argentinian pair will make a name for themselves in the coming months if the finances follow: TELLO / CHINGOTTO. For sure. With a little luck, we could even see them as early as next year during the stages of the World Padel Tour.

These two players have the particularity of being the number one in Argentina, but not having sufficient financial support to see their history through to the end, they cannot defend their status abroad, especially in Europe. The Fabrice Pastor Cup, competition of padel in South America, allowed them to make a name for themselves in their country and to be able to see beyond.

Little hint of sadness for our French pair Haziza / Scatena, who unfortunately was on the same side of the table as these Argentines during the pre-qualifiers at Beausoleil last weekend.

Probably our champions of France, on another part of the table would be passed for the qualifications of last Monday.

Another finding, the pair Argentine, was the only one of the prequalified to pass the course of the qualifications to return in the final table to finally play against the n ° 2 world.

We can not wait to see them again and bring new blood. You will find on our Youtube channel their matches at the Marquee.

GODO / CAPRA: An atypical game!

Another pair Argentina will say and you will be right! Argentina's Gonzalo Díaz and Luciano Capra managed to reach the semi-finals by beating the No. 5 World (JMD and Gutierrez) and No. 2 World (Sanyo and Paquito) respectively in the quarter-finals.

You discover them? Yet Gonzalo Diaz is already an elder. It is known for having been the partner of Matias Nicoletti until last year. Nicknamed GODO, player on the right, he went to the left because his partner is left-handed and therefore plays on the right.

An atypical pair that foils and which has shown that on a slow surface like that of Monte Carlo Padel Master, there was a place for them, and thus pose big problems to pairs requiring rhythm.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.