New investigation of the Swiss army knife. What is the padel's place in the French Tennis Federation? More and bigger and the future looks very positive. The power of a Federation such as this one could well accelerate the development of our sport in France and even abroad.

After the meeting of COMEX (Executive Committee of the FFT) last October, "FFT wishes to invest clearly in the padel. 2019 will be the year padel"Explained the president of the FFT, Bernard Giudicelli a few weeks ago.

The proposals made and presented by the FFT give a lot of hope for the future of the padel, in France and in the world.

History of Padel in France

I will try to draw up an inventory, the most exhaustive and objective possible. Let's start with a historical parenthesis, it's sometimes useful.

In 1992: creation of the French Federation of Padel (FFP) in Toulouse. After 2003, change of organization. Problems appear over the years.

In 2014: padel resumption, by the FFT, which integrates it into its statutes and obtains the delegation of this sport by the ministry. End of the pre-federal parenthesis.

At first, the FFT was content to see how the padel developed, what it entailed and engendered. A padel pitch was set up and opened to the public during Roland Garros with explanations and demonstrations. She also organized the first official and homologated French championships in autumn 2015 ...

In a second time, the FFT was faced with several problems. On the one hand, a pressure exerted by the practitioners who want to play everywhere and more and more; On the other hand, a pressure from the private structures that are organized, propose important events to the general public and the competitors, and so they grow; finally, the pressure of more and more competitors over the months, who want to be recognized and supported by their Federation ... and therefore require changes and more significant changes.

An independent, autonomous Federation in the FFT or FFT PADEL?

Today, there is undeniably 3 forms of current.

One of the currents existing today and that we hear in some players / clubs or organizations: the "separatists" say that if one wants to progress and develop, it may be necessary to think of freeing oneself from the FFT - partially or completely - to be able to exist. But this question opens up many more ... a big investigation of the Swiss army knife, perhaps, one day.

But in recent months, policy change at the FFT. Hubert Picquier, in charge of Padel within the FFT, speaking of the future of padel in France: " There is a vstrong will of the federation to accelerate this development ».

The Federation, through the COMEX (which therefore took place during the Challenger WPT de Casa Padel, mid-October) and the meeting of the Federal Commission dedicated to padel in October 2018, responded strongly to all skeptics: 4 axes were discussed, presented, and voted unanimously.

- Construction of padel courts in all the leagues of the FFT (at least 2), as well as aid allocated to both municipal and commercial structures.

- At the competition level, several big announcements: creation of P1500 and P2000; helps the best French, to hope to be part of the world's first 10-15 quickly; setting up a Championship + 45ans and young people; organization of an annual Masters: " This will be our mini Roland Garros Explained H. Picquier.

- Reflection on the need for a full teaching diploma, which would allow non-tennis players to teach the padel legally. A consultation with the Ministry of Sports is required.

- Creation of the FFT circuit Padel Tower. The call for tenders to find the organizing company was published last September. A grandiose project to reach and introduce this sport to as many people as possible: events, activities, tournaments planned for 3 years in French public places (like what Claude Baigts and André Lafenêtre are organizing on the Place du Capitole in Toulouse for 3 years). A priori 7 cities from 2019 are concerned ... and the idea is pleasant. We will talk to you about it when needed, of course.

NB: We will also be back, in Padel Mag, on the proposals voted and approved by the COMEX in the coming weeks ...

Different stages more or less glorious have marked the history of the French padel, and the recent history of the padel within the FFT ... I hope that the COMEX will take the necessary measures to realize the commitments made and launch the most beautiful padel stories: His explosion.

As we can see, the FFT is entering a new era for the promotion and development of Padel in France (and even wants to play an international role very quickly ... Like the presence of the FFT during the Challenger WPT organized at Casa Padel last October, and the presence of representatives of the FFT at the last World Championships in Paraguay.

Tennis and padel, public and private: tied?

Line Meites

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