Padel Magazine - What club ! What infrastructures! In Manosque, Olivier, Laurent and Michel, the managers and investors have thought big to go far. May 27, 2014 was the meeting not to be missed to discover Le Complexe which has 3 padel, brand new with in particular a panoramic ground and its ocher carpet which immediately makes us think of the clay courts of Roland Garros.


The Complex also includes a foot five with 4 indoor courts. What to say about the architecture with in particular this stretched canvas letting the natural light slip on the football fields, far from the standard structures in jail… Not much except: Bravo.

We invite you of course to see for yourself this club of padel and football 5; if this is not possible, go to our album exclusively dedicated to this club on our facebook page.

Let's go back to our padel courts. This padel club offers an outdoor structure and offers 2 classic padel pitches with green carpet and this famous panoramic terrain almost unique in Europe. And France has offered in the space of a few months two panoramic sites, one recently at the Set Club in Aix en Provence, and now Manosque, which prove once again the development of our sport for a good year. The recent comments by the FFT on the integration of the padel into its statutes have certainly helped some to make a decision in favor of the padel.

Be careful, the panoramic field of Manosque offers more and this time something totally unique in France: the possibility of filming your matches! The best points (and the missed ones unfortunately) will now be recorded and sent to the players.

The managers had this clever idea of ​​copying what was already happening in foot five and adapting it to their home ground. padel. What a treat !

There is so much to say.

Perhaps we should start by talking about Henry Leconte Padel Club (HLPC) of which Henry Leconte is the standard? The complex is in fact part of this new structure, which has recently been put in place and which will bring nothing but positive to our dear sport. (We promise you an article dedicated to this new structure soon)

Perhaps also, should we have started with the team of the Complex, warm and generous that you will learn on the spot or via our reports.

Perhaps we should have put forward the effervescence and the success of the padel exhibition and initiation proposed for more than 4 hours by France Padel Pro 250 people present at the inauguration?

But in the end, the big winner is the padel.

With all this, Manosque and the Complex sign a smashing comeback in the world of padel and football 5.

Good luck at the Complex and long live the padel !

Franck Binisti and Clément Forget - Padel Magazine
Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.