The country-continent on the other side of the globe has always been very sport-oriented. The Australian puts physical activity at the center of his interests. In this context, le padel, which has won over a number of sportspeople at home, made a remarkable entry Australia.

With such a development, a Australian Federation of Padel (APF) was created with the aim of promoting padel across Australia. In terms of numbers, it is about opening 25 clubs of padel in the main cities so that more than 60% of the inhabitants have access to tracks.

The development project of padel Australian also goes through hosting international competitions. Australia has already organized 5 FIP tournaments during the year 2020. This is part of a logic of growth of the padel, even during the difficult health context we are experiencing in Europe.

land of padel outdoors in australia

Australian players are here! Once they have dabbled in this addicting new sport they no longer take down their rackets. With the growth in the number of centers, players have new opportunities to be able to indulge their new passion.

Here is a non-exhaustive overview of Australian centers of padel :

The courts are mostly outdoor since the climate is not the same as among us in Europe: they can afford not to cover them, or at least to have little covered ground.


Source: Australian Federation website Padel et Facebook FIP


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