More than ever, the padel is THE fashionable sport in Italy, especially since the start of the health crisis. And his best ally is football. Indeed, current and past stars of calcio are often keen on it and they ensure continuous promotion of its practice. From Bobo Vieri to Zlatan Ibrahimovic via Francesco Totti, this is how the padel conquers new territories every day.

Keep fit

As we know, nothing equals the popularity of football players. Highly publicized even after having put their crampons to the nail, they benefit from a unique exposure, whether in the traditional press but also on social networks where their followers follow their activities closely and are eager to comment and to them. share. The padel Italian is a great beneficiary. Because to keep in shape while maintaining the user-friendly aspect, the padel is a reference.

In the columns of the Journal of Sport, Pietro sala, coach at Aspria Harbor Club in Milan and at the Italian federation, explains the reasons for this padel mania among transalpine footballers: "the padel is a complete sport that trains the mind and body because in addition to increasing movement speed and endurance, it keeps your heart and lungs in good shape when you run continuously in multiple directions ”.


It plays on the scale

After the end of a career, diets are forgotten and ex-players tend to gain weight after so many years of sacrifice. The padel therefore allows them to maintain a physical condition worthy of the name. The coach details: “The legs are always active, the arms follow the movements to maintain balance, the abdominals are involved: changes of direction, torso twisting, thinning of the waist. As the racquet is shorter than tennis, it forces you to bend down when the ball is low and move more to catch it ”.

Assessment: the practice of padel is a makeover because the playful side makes the notion of effort disappear. He concludes with a sentence worthy of a miracle diet : “Those who play regularly, at least 3 times a week, can lose up to 5 kilos in two months: the calorie consumption in 1h30 of activity is considerable”!

François Miguel Boudet Journalist padel sport

I am a sports journalist living in Barcelona and obviously a fan of padel.

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