Last Sunday, Le Padel Club of Bois d'Arcy with its 6 padel indoor courts, making it the largest island club in France, is offered the luxury of hosting two tournaments the same day.

Benjamin Tison and Fréderic Pommier win the stage of the National Padel Cup at Bois d'Arcy

A stage of the National Padel Cup, with 16 teams, were present on Sunday 19 June. The 4 4 pool format 9 teams in 2 winning games with the no-ad had been set up. The final stages were offered in 3 winning sets. A consoling was even planned for XNUMXst and 4st of each hen.

The final victory of Benjamin Tison and Frederic Pommier Vs Frack Binisti and Sebastien Ruiz de Conejo (6 / 4 7 / 5) was the highlight of the day.

It was a disputed match of great quality:

Cédric Carité / Loic The Panse and Fabrice Ortiz / Sylvain Gimenez

The Padel Club Bois d'Arcy, also hosted the qualifying phase of the league of Essonne including a recent European champion padel: Cédric Carité. The final victory is normally returned to Cédric Carité and Loic Le Panse.

Fabrice Ortiz and Sylvain Gimenez also manage to pass between the drops. There was nothing gained since both players were returning from convalescence.

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Nice matches ... and Not that ...

The day was rich with beautiful matches filled with beautiful gestures and emotions. What made people dream for the event.

The Padel Club was transformed for this we between relaxation lounge with stands relaxation / products health and well being.

The Padel Club will also host the Yvelines championship which will take place on June 30 and 1er July for the men's phase and the 7 and 8 July for the women's phase which will allow to qualify for the interregional phases of the French paddle championship.

The true Padel institution in Spain compte more than 3 million practitioners who play it regularly. Argentina and Spain now have more Padel players than tennis players.

"This sport has everything to become the racket sport of the third millennium. More spectacular than tennis or squash, it is very easy to learn and play. Since its opening, Le Padel Club has been testing curious people to discover this sport and counts 100% of conquered! Its friendliness and its playfulness are big assets. It can be practiced by everyone, including family. Compared to other racket sports, he is loved by women and children. Testify Melik and John co-founders of the Padel Club Bois d'Arcy.

The padel accessible to all and all the time in the Yvelines is possible!

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.