Following the statements of our Chairman, we currently have a calendar for the resumption of sport which remains a little vague. We try to see more clearly.

Le sports will be able to resume its rights, and already from this Monday, May 3, 2021, since we have not no more mileage limit. It is therefore possible for players to padel to go to the outdoor or semi-covered club of their choice to practice their passion!

The President gave us a route guide in several stages, to know the dates of reopening of the various activities. For sport there are still two opening dates, May 19 and June 9. And we must recognize that the wording is not so clear since on the one hand we are talking about a “Expansion of sports practice to outdoor contact sports and indoor contactless”, and on the other hand we are told that “The sports halls will not be able to reopen until June 9”...

From May 19, the curfew is reduced to 21 p.m. will allow clubs to gain two precious more opening hours and players to play a little more. On the other hand this practice should continue to be done outdoors and in semi-cover for adults...

Indeed, according to our colleagues from the JDD, who claim to have “Took the information from the Ministry of Sports”, only minors will be able to find their way back to indoor sports clubs on May 19. For the moment, the FFT has not yet communicated on the subject, the information from the JDD therefore seems the most reliable at the time of this writing.

If all this is confirmed, it means having to wait another 3 weeks for the indoor clubs to be able to welcome adults again.  With the end of the curfew at 23 p.m., they will finally be able to find a certain normality.. Still a little patience !


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