Le padel Men's is currently dominated by a powerful and explosive style of play, diminishing the importance of thoughtful and tactical phases of play. Chaos racing (KO?) has become the norm, with the goal of hitting lightning smashes whenever possible.

More and more athletic players

I am skeptical about this trend, because I have the impression that the padel loses its essence and depth when it is reduced to a series of overpowering strikes. I would prefer a padel which values ​​variety of strokes, creativity and reflection, rather than simple brute force.


It would be a shame if the padel loses its identity and becomes a one-dimensional sport dominated by powerful strikes. Nowadays, on the various professional circuits, the slightest error is immediately punished, leaving little room for strategy and finesse. Of course, rough and aggressive play has always been a component of padel, but it now seems to dominate among men, relegating other aspects of the game to the background.

The increasing athleticism of players in search of power, the emergence of strategies for faster points, and the technological advances of palas contribute to the accentuation of this trend. In addition, the question of the level of pressure of Balles plays an important role in this dynamic. The use of ultra-pressurized bullets padel favors powerful and spectacular strikes, characteristic of a style of play appreciated by spectators, but which arouses controversy.

It was better before ?

Le padel male professional has undergone a notable evolution in recent years, with an increasing importance given to the physical qualities of athletes and devastating strikes

Despite the progress made by players in protecting their zone, they remain powerless against powerful smashes launched from any part of the court. Indeed, while defenders demonstrate superhuman reflexes, an ability to move quickly and start in surprising ways, these qualities are no longer enough to counter smashers endowed with phenomenal power. Even when the smashes are initiated from deep in the court, these “malabars” manage to finish the point by striking with herculean force on the opposing glass, the ball embracing a trajectory that draws a deadly upward curve while overcoming the opponents to land in the other half of the field (as we'll explore in a later article, the par 3 is no longer as rewarding as it used to be.)

I must tell you that I get more pleasure from watching a women's match, imbued with elegance, fluidity and technicality, sometimes even tinged with a certain robustness, than a gunner's duel where the lightning smashes are almost always the only decisive shot to finish the points.

Gonzalez and Brea Seville

Reduce bullet pressure?

Some enthusiasts padel are calling for innovations in ball design, hoping to further improve the playing experience and better adapt to different surfaces and playing conditions. I share this opinion and believe that the padel modern is no longer in phase with the current pressurization of the balls, which pushes professional players towards strategies increasingly focused on the ultra offensive. While this can be spectacular, it makes the game less engaging and promotes a formulaic approach that limits creativity and diversity in playstyles.

Bullet tubes padel I think 2024

However, it is a sport that is characterized by its technical richness and variety of shots, and it is important to preserve these characteristics to guarantee the future and popularity of the sport. padel.

Two philosophies clash

  1. Le padel "bouncing"
  • Favor power and spectacle.
  • Maintain the high pressurization of the current bullets.
  • Bowing down to the television broadcasters so that the matches don't last too long...
  1. Le padel “technical”:
  • Promote control and variety of shots.
  • Reduce ball pressure to “try to complicate” the task of the big hitters on the circuit.
  • Favor a long and polished game, promoting the technical skills of the players.

In conclusion, the debate on the evolution of bullets is far from being settled, and it seems necessary to find a balance between power and tactics in the padel modern. Today, the main trend is the lobbed smash, which literally propels the ball into orbit and makes any attempt at recovery futile due to the high trajectory.

Un padel more thoughtful and varied, where finesse and strategy have their place, would be more attractive and richer for players and spectators alike. Indeed, some critics denounce a less technical game and more focused on brute force. It is important that ball manufacturers and sports governing bodies work together to find a solution that meets everyone's needs and secures the future of the sport. padel.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!