5-a-side football, block climbing, ... new sports practices know a succès growing. It is the case of Padel, the new racquet sport that makes more and more followers in France.

Today, this discipline brings together more than 8 million players around the world, mainly in Hispanic countries, where it has its origins.  Pioneer actor of Padel with the opening of its first sites in 2014 in Bordeaux and the Paris region, the LE FIVE Group supports the exponential growth of this sport by exceeding the symbolic bar of 100 tracks created by the end of the year.

A practice accessible to all

You don't need to be an expert to shine on a Padel. Fun and accessible, this sport derived from Tennis is for everyone: sports enthusiasts, such as Sunday athletes in search of endorphins, pleasure of playing, and conviviality.

The principle is simple: 4 players who meet in a 2 against 2 match on a small size field, framed by windows and grids, balls similar to those of tennis and thick rubber racquets with holes and shorter . These specificities make the Padel accessible and fun, for both aficionados and beginners. Fun, this practice guarantees children and seniors alike to enjoy a fulfilling and fun play experience.

Benefits for body and soul

Le Padel is an aerobic sport because it requires small movements continuously, but without violence. It is also a real physical challenge. The balancing act which is carried out with the weight of the body engages an intense work of the glutes and hamstrings ... With matches which last between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes on average, it is the assurance of sculpting a body. firm, with no less than 600 calories burned for a one hour meeting.

Le Padel is also a sport which promotes social relations because it is played by four people. It is therefore an opportunity to meet new people, but it is also a sport that is easily shared with family or friends since it has the advantage of being mixed!

In addition, the padel had a very rapid development in Spain, who became a reference in the study of this sport. The growth in the number of participants is spectacular, and 2019 will remain a historic year for racket sports in Spain: le padel overtook tennis to reach 4M participants, 50% of whom are women.

Atmosphere overview 4Padel Créteil

4PADEL, the largest playground in France 

4PADEL it is the entity dedicated to Padel of the LE FIVE group - European leader in indoor sport - which offers more than 70 tracks spread over the territory through 16 clubs. 4PADEL it is above all the possibility of offering yourself a moment of relaxation and fun, of practicing a la carte physical activity with flexible hours and without subscription, and of sharing a convivial moment on the courts, as at the Sports Bar! Only one rule in force: feel free to play, exercise, have fun and reinvent the game as you wish.

  • 4 FUN: We play above all for fun, on and off the track.
  • 4 ALL: We have fun whatever our level, and we play with everyone.
  • 4 YOU: Without doubt the new sporting practice that many are looking for, combining sport, technical and physical accessibility, social moment and permanent progress

To put yourself in the shoes of a Padelista, just consult the list of 70 tracks and 16 clubs located throughout France!

A booming sport in France

Today, in many Hispanic countries, the padel is a flagship sport, like the 12 tracks and 000M of Spanish practitioners who have developed in less than 4 years. In France, this practice only really started in 20, but the progression is exponential with to date 2015 tracks on the territory and approximately 1 000 practitioners. The Le Five Group, one of the pioneers of this new sport in France, is counting on strong growth in this discipline in a country where racquet sports have historically been very popular. The leisure sport model in France is a real success, like five-a-side football, a market of 200M practitioners in France which has developed in just 000 years to become the most popular team sport, or even bouldering which reaches 5M practitioners.

35 new piste openings in 2021 to exceed 100 pistes at 4PADEL:

  • 4PADEL Marville (93): 7 new trails
  • 4PADEL La Rochelle (17): +4 slopes (already 2 existing)
  • 4PADEL Colomiers (31): a 100% center Padel +8 tracks (already 3 existing)
  • 4PADEL Nantes (44): 6 new tracks
  • 4PADEL Montreuil (93): 5 new slopes
  • 4PADEL Niort (79): 5 new slopes
Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.