What a tournament at Sport In Park! The club padel Laval offered us a superb tournament with some very close matches.

Le Panse / De Benito was the favorite pair on the table. But the competition was tough and she learned it from the semi-finals where she managed to pass against the very dangerous pair Tison / Leygue.

In the final, she found the no less dangerous Maigret / Auradou, author of an impressive tournament.

The 4 players have achieved a superb final where the pair Le Panse / De Benito was not far from seeing this final escape him especially in this 3e set where it is led by Auradou / Maigret 4 / 0.

The match was played on the strategy of the pairs

The two pairs were of equal strength. But the game was oriented in a diagonal Yann Auradou / Jorge de Benito for a while. If Jorge de Benito slightly wins his diagonal against Yann Auradou on the first two sets despite his huge smashes, the French takes a certain ascendancy in the 3e set.

Especially on the smash, the pair Panse / De Benito does not succeed to lob enough Yann Auradou sufficiently. PAR 3 rain from the Parisian player, irreproachable in the air.

Clear 4 / 0 change of scenery in the 3e set for the French pair.

Loïc Panse and Jorge de Benito decide to direct the game on Julien Maigret and especially to play lobs. This will be THE winning formula.

Combined with Julien Maigret's unsuccessful strategic choice to smash in his parallel on Jorge de Benito, author of a great match, especially in defense, the Franco-Spanish pair returns to the game ...

Benito has defended impressively. The mistake was perhaps to have slammed on Jorge de Benito. I rarely played a player who defended so well. I should have kept my diagonal on Loïc Le Panse.

Tell one of the actors of this match, Julien Maigret.

The pair The Panse / De Benito operates so "to a strategic change"Says Loïc Le Panse which proves to be paying since it will support"the diagonal The Panse / Maigret going through the air and avoid the bullets facing Julien Maigret because otherwise it does not forgive".

Loïc Le Panse, aggressive and regular, was at the rendezvous and he will succeed especially on the end of the game to gain the upper hand over Julien Maigret to tip the scales.

Final score 6/2 3/6 7/6 in the final of the Open Sport In Park in Laval in favor of the Franco-Spanish pair. How hard it was!

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.