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A great classic of the WPT! Spectacular, the "by 3" wants to be a definitive paddle smash whose only parries are to go out the door to try to put it back into play or for the best players to counter the smash before the ball touches the bottom wall .


You are in attack, at the net and you receive a lob not too deep, You thus want to gain the point by making leave the ball by the side wall after it has touching the wall of the bottom.


This shot is certainly the most technical of this sport. It corresponds exactly to the lifted service performed in tennis.

  • Lightly arch the body
  • Join the feet
  • Flex then jump forward
  • Wrist shot outward (pronation)
  • High speed of the racket head
  • Hit the ball as high as possible above the head
  • Hit it with the top of the racket from "7: 00 to 14h00"

Two recommendations, however:

You must be able to advance in the ball at the moment of impact in the racket by jumping forward.

We must focus more on technique than strength

Ground impact point: just before the line

Wall impact point: approximately at the first bottom post

Note: This paddle shot is technically challenging and physically challenging enough. I advise you to practice it often and not long enough not to tire your shoulder and your wrist

Good luck ! And very quickly

Pierre Lamouré

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