We have some already talked about recently in padel it is not possible to defend a “Par 4”. Indeed, the rule states that when a player manages to pass the ball above the four-meter grid after a bounce on the ground, their pair automatically wins the point.

We can say that in any case, this rule hardly has to be used, since it is, as you can imagine, very very difficult to defend a “Par 4”. But precisely, our attention today is focused on these cases where a player with an incredible sense of anticipation and exceptional leg speed manages to touch this ball which has passed above the baseline grid. before she bounced off the track. Like here, with Andres Britos:

You should know that at the time the rule was erected, most tracks had concrete walls, so it was impossible to see where the ball was going to land. But today, with the generalization of windows, we could think of a change of rule. This would add spectacle to an already crazy sport. We also imagine that players like Stupa would not be against…

Our star commentator Mario Cordero would also be in favor of a change, he who believes that: “The rules are poorly made” and that we have “missed the most beautiful rescue in history” regarding the release of Britos that we showed a little above. Agree with him or rather in favor of retaining the automatically winning “Par 4”?

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