Padel Magazine - The padel club of Plessis Bouchard, offers us for a few days a brand new ground with its carpet Fushia color. The terrain is original and undeniably attracts the eye. After a good part and a glass of Spanish champagne, Sabine Pistilli (General Secretary), Alain Pistilli (Technical Manager), Viviane Tabourin and Aurélie Mathis (Padel Players) give us a little of their time to tell us their adventure and lavish us some tips for all project leaders.

PM - How does the Padel History begin at Plessis Bouchard?

Sabine Pistilli (PS) - Initially it was a mini tennis for children. This land has been converted into padel pitch. We had immediate demand with new members, thanks in large part to the forum of associations where we attracted people's curiosity.

At an open day padel at Plessis Bouchard, the returns were also very positive.

But with the old pitch, it was not really a padel pitch.

The club and the town hall therefore financed the construction of the padel pitch, helped largely by a number of volunteers who helped dismantle the old padel and set up the brand new one.

There is a solidarity of the extraordinary Padelist members, who gave their time, their arm to have this new ground. There was a big desire among the members to see the land being built. Phew! It is done !

Many thanks to Richard Demon for his kindness and his work.

How much does it cost to come play at the club?

SP - The goal is to first offer this new activity to all players of the club tennis. All members of the tennis Plessis can come so play without any problem.

For 247 € license included, we can play tennis and padel 7 days on 7 up to 23 hours.

However, you can only padel, for a fee of 125 € excluding license. We are an 15ain to take advantage of this offer.

What are the projects of your padel club?

SP - Make more and more inter-club matches and create a nice club atmosphere with exchanges ...

The ambition to make a beautiful inauguration to boost and develop the padel club and the circle of padelists. Moreover, the inauguration is scheduled for November 8 with the participation of a padel team (France Padel Pro) who will introduce people and demonstrate.

For possible competitions, we could imagine the possibility to gather close padel clubs to make competitions, meetings, without players waiting, etc.

Alain Pistilli (AP) - It's Richard Demon, president of the Plessis Bouchard tennis club, who made us want to play. It became a drug. I am sure that participating in inter-club events could be very motivating for everyone, especially since we are lucky enough to already have 3 clubs nearby.

Viviane Tabourin (VT): I am a late riser, and now I am treated to get up early. I have the pleasure to get up to play padel.

I discovered the padel in Spain in Valencia 30 years ago and I rediscover it now for some time. It's intoxicating.

AS - Even when it's snowing, we play! When it rains we play! We take old balls and we play. It's totally addictive.

There is a very friendly side, very family around the padel court. And it's good for the whole tennis club.

Aurélie Mathis (AM): We do a lot of mixed, which is not necessarily the case in other sports. The levels are balanced. We never said "no we do not play with so and so". I discovered the padel at the forum of associations. Then there was an open door at Plessis Bouchard and I fell in love with Padel and Alain but shhh ... It's a secret.

The padel club of Plessis Bouchard is the cradle of a number of padel players ....

AS - Many padel players are introduced to Plessis Bouchard. For example, Sylvain Jimenez, Morgan Mannarino, Jérémy Ritz and Philippe Magat started at Le Plessis. Some have even done their job.

We also have some young people who are also padel as Fabio who is totally hooked and competes with adults. We even have to slow it down, otherwise the adults can not play anymore.

Franck Binisti - Padel Magazine

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.