If you take a look at the list of registrants for Premier Padel Genova P2, supposed to take place in Italy from June 30 to July 7, you notice that among the men, there are only eight pairs registered, and the best player on the list is 295th... This clashes with the women's list which already includes the world numbers 1, Josemaria and Sanchez, but also Llaguno / Sainz, Alonso / Ustero, Osoro / Marrero…

Of course, players still have a week to register, but the fact of not seeing any Top 200 players registered is intriguing. In view of Miguel Lamperti's recent comments, we understand that the best in the world should simply no longer make the P2, so nothing abnormal in not seeing them registered for this Italian tournament. The question is rather: where are the other players? What are they waiting for to register? Start of response with Thomas Leygue (Editor's note: the tournament is supposed to be held in Genoa in Italy, not in Geneva)...

Questioned by us, the Aixois declared:

“The players of the association (Editor's note: PPA) decided not to play it. We'll see what happens, but I think the organizer already knows: the tournament risks being canceled. Players have complained a lot about the conditions of Premier Padel and what happened during the tournaments in South America…”

So a way to protest against the circuit by going on a sort of strike?

The entire discussion here (start at 09:30):


So, in your opinion will the P2 in Genoa take place? Will the competition only be reserved for ladies who have already registered in large numbers?

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