King Bela back for Milan?

Has Fernando Belasteguin just announced his return to competition via social networks? This is what his response under the publication of his partner Miguel Yanguas suggests…

We know it, since mid-October, the legend Fernando Belasteguin was kept off the slopes due to an elbow injury, preventing him from participating in the Amsterdam Open, then the Menorca Open. Even worse, he will be absent from the Barcelona Master final, for the first time in his career.

We thought that “The boss” had finished his season. However, a message under Miguel Yanguas' post from Bela suggests that we were wrong.

Translation :

Mike Yanguas: I want you to come back quickly, Boss.

Fernando Belasteguin: Of course Madre Topo [Editor’s note: literally “Mother Mole”]… in Milan, we will be there.

Should we expect a return of King Bela for Milano Premier Padel ? This would leave an additional month for the legend of padel to recover from his elbow injury.

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Gwenaelle Souyri