The “sack bandeja”, does that mean something to you?

Do you know the “sack bandeja"? This term, given by Internet users with a touch of humor, designates services performed above the hip, a hot topic of debate in the world of padel. One of the great specialists is unquestionably Franco Stupaczuk. It is time to clarify the regulations and the role of the arbitration body, which is sometimes misunderstood.

In Sweden, last week, despite the request to use VAR, the referee awarded the point to Stupa even though the images showed the opposite. A controversy that regularly comes to the forefront.

Historically, players didn't really challenge serves. Criticisms about services being too high were rare and frowned upon. But with the acceleration of the development of padel and the increasing professionalization of the circuit, particularly with the entry of the Qataris, players no longer hesitate to denounce the borderline services.

Referees occasionally intervene, but players who request a check are not always listened to, even when the images are clear.

CP: tomavrisani.production / boxtoboxagency
CP: tomavrisani.production / boxtoboxagency

Here are 5 comments:

  1. Rule : Officially, the ball must be played below the waist, but this rule is far from always being respected, both among pros and amateurs.
  2. Tennis players: Many, coming from tennis, struggle with this rule and are often guilty of hitting the ball well above the pelvis. If the rule were to be strictly enforced, many adjustments would be necessary.
  3. The role of Premier Padel : Nothing will probably come from the International Federation of Padel. It is at Premier Padel to position yourself clearly, and the rest will follow.
  4. The size rule: Some would like it removed, because it depends too much on the size of the players. The bigger you are, the easier it is to serve well. A common height for ball impact when serving is considered by some.
  5. Professionals vs. Amateurs: In the pros, a machine/software could signal when a player exceeds the permitted height. Among amateurs, this would be more complicated, if not impossible, but it would make little difference to the current situation. On the other hand, among the pros, this would inevitably lead to changes.

And you, what is your opinion and your solutions?

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Franck Binisti