You are in attack, in net and you receive a high ball which is neither a deep lob nor a very short ball. So you will try to smatsher loudly for the ball to come back to your side


A key word: power. Indeed, you will favor ball speed and depth from the point of impact on the ground. The ball then rises on the upper part of the back wall and returns to your court with a high parabolic trajectory. The point is won !!

Two recommendations, however:

You must be able to advance in the ball at the moment of impact in the racket.

In addition, the best direction for your ball to take is in front of you, that is to say parallel in order to reduce the return distance and thus decrease the reaction time of your opponents.

The points to remember to make this move

  1. Ground support online
  2. Body weight forward
  3. Point of impact on the ground: a little before the baseline
  4. Impact point on the back wall: as high as possible

Note: when the ball returns to your court, do not touch it before it falls to the ground in your court otherwise the point is lost… ..

The extra tip especially for ladies, but that ...

For those who are not very heavy and who lack power, do not hesitate to make a small jump with the weight well forward. All the explanations in pictures with Victoria CHECA MARTIN, Andalusian team champion in 2015 and technical manager of the sports facilities of Velez Malaga.

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