The official press conference to launch one of the two tournaments of padel circuit French Premier Padel (with Roland-Garros), was held Tuesday in Bordeaux. The opportunity to take stock of this anticipated event, with its strong points and expectations, less than three weeks before the start of the show (June 10-16).

Start of hostilities on June 9 with the qualifications

Preferred in Toulouse (ex World Padel Tour) this season by Premier Padel, Bordeaux knows it is expected. Indeed, the P2 which will be organized there during the second week of June must be a sporting and event (even commercial) success from its first edition. Especially since the contract was signed for five years with the reunited world circuit.

The qualifications will begin hostilities on June 9. The opportunity to start with the players, because the organizers (promoter Jean-Luc Baldelli, director Jean-Thomas Peyrou and consultant-associate Michaël Llodra) have always placed them at the heart of the equation. The qualifiers will therefore meet the elite in the final table from Tuesday June 11, without forgetting 5 pairs of wild cards (including one female) granted in consultation with the high level manager. padel at the FFT, Benjamin Tison. This entire brilliant field (with a total of 200 players) will be ratified on May 24 at 17 p.m.

The sporting spectacle is expected, but as always it will depend on the matches, the clashes and the pairs who will return to Europe on this occasion after the South American tour. “We all dream of a final on the level of the one between Coello-Tapia and the “Chingalan” in Asunción,” director Jean-Thomas Peyrou salivated in advance.

Jean-Luc Baldelli (promoter): “We expect a lot from the Spanish public”

As for the event itself, it will be one of the biggest indoor sporting spectacles in France. And there is still work to do. The most important is obviously ticketing, the crux of the matter. The 7000 tickets sold are mainly concentrated on Saturday and Sunday. The organizers are hoping for a boost in the final days, even if competition from rugby with a possible UBB match in Bordeaux that weekend is to be feared.

Subsequently, the organizers will have three days to set up the three Arkea Arena slopes, as well as that outside on the square in front of the enclosure, but also the boxes, the village, or the partner and VIP areas. 150 million households are expected to be affected during the various global media broadcasts of this event. “These are still fragile events because the padel is still nascent, recognized promoter Jean-Luc Baldelli, especially compared to football or rugby. This tournament must be a long-term one, in particular thanks to an accessible ticket office with tickets at €9. We expect a lot from the Spanish public who went from 10 to 4 tournaments this season on the Premier Padel »

Alongside the official men's and women's competition, numerous events will enliven the Bordeaux week, particularly around the themes of gastronomy, wine or the Olympics. The All Stars tournament is as anticipated as the entertainment which will punctuate the changes of sides or between matches. “There is a lot of anticipation behind this tournament and we hope for a crazy week in this exceptional jewel of the city of Bordeaux,” assumed Michaël Llodra, who admitted that he did not practice the padel only in leisure mode, without wanting to be classified like his tennis friends Arnaud Clément or Arnaud Di Pasquale before him. Finally, some regretted the absence of some Gironde communities alongside this first padelist in the wine capital but who cares, the P2 Aquitaine rocket from Betclic Bordeaux Premier Padel is well underway.