It's a small revolution in the professional world of padel: The union of professional padel players was born. The World Padel Tour had indeed given its approval a few weeks ago to allow players to finally have their union and thus obtain a more important role in the development of the professional circuit and in negotiations between players and the circuit.

Yes, but some hope that it will benefit all players.

Notes : We have been asked not to cite our sources in this article. The players being involved on the World circuit Padel turn, they do not wish to make themselves known for the moment.

The beginnings of the creation of the union

Remember, a few months ago, Fabrice Pastor, the Monegasque and President of Monte Carlo International Sports (MCIS) proposed a new professional circuit: The International Padel Tower (IPT). This alternative circuit thus shaken up the World Padel Tour.

This circuit proposed more financial endowments in the professional stages that it wanted to put in place, but also proposed more rights to the players with the creation of a syndicate of the players or associations of the players.

We know the rest, the players finally decided to continue with the World Padel Tour until 2023.

But the players were able to take advantage of this opposition to raise the stakes and demand World Padel Tour, a Syndicate… Refused until then.

It was therefore necessary to have this alternative circuit proposal for the World Padel Tour agrees to accept the creation of this union.

That may be the problem:

There is unease among many professional players, because the World Padel Tour cornered, ended up accepting the creation of this union. Why hasn't he done it before?

Will the union benefit all players?

Le World Padel Tour is once again the benchmark professional circuit for 5 years. But paradoxically, this union is certainly a good thing for the circuit because the players will no longer be able to say that they “ne are not listened to ".

Players will have their say. Yes but which ones? Are they always the same, the big ones who will speak or will previas or preprevias players be heard?

The problem with the player outside the world top 20 is that the World Padel Tour costs him dear, he hardly earns a living. I'm not even talking about the players who don't pass the preprevias.

It is a real obstacle course to make ends meet. The World Padel Tour accepted a certain number of points proposed by the IPT, but what is regrettable is that he never directly proposed advances for the players, it is always constrained and forced by external elements that the WPT accepts certain advances.

We see it today, behind the smiles at the highest level and the creation of the union, some professional players in the shadows of the elites of the world padel remain on the reserve and waiting to see what it will result.

This union must allow professional players previas additional financial endowments, support ... Because for now we are very far from the account.

You have understood, the creation of this union of players is a great step forward but now it will be necessary to see if this union makes it possible to obtain ofreal advances for all professional paddle players". The future will tell.

Alexis Dutour

Alexis Dutour is passionate about paddle. With his training in communication and marketing, he puts his skills at the service of the padel to offer us articles always very interesting.