The Brunstatt Tennis Club is the new paddle club in the Alsace league with its outdoor padel pitch.

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Since early June 2016, the Brunstatt Tennis Club offers a new sporting activity in his club: the first padel court of the High Rhine.

For the President of the club Patrice Belloy, the padel is well launched: " Already 30 members including 1 / 3 who comes from outside the club ". Bet won? Too early to say, but Patrice Belloy already sees far since he set up "1 paddle field before putting a second one. Everything has been done in this way ».

This padel project dates from October 2015. It finally went quite fast since the Mayor of Brunstatt was favorable to the emergence of a new sport in the agglomeration.

At the moment tennis players mainly

A good part of the padel players are tennis players already having a certain level.

« Balance: We already have a good twenty tennis player who plays padel. It was most often players who already knew the sport thanks to the padel clubs in the south of France "Tells us the President of the Club.

Club policy in 2 phases

The club has put in place a business plan for this padel pitch and put in more later. The strategy in 2 phases:

1ages phase: Seduce the members of the tennis club. We have 400.

« Our goal is to bring parents to their children who are already seduced by the padel. We also have a lot of young people coming to play tennis here. The idea is to seduce and bring these parents who are expecting their children to the padel. »

2e phase: To open to all people, a padel offer without going through the tennis box.

« We intend to set up an offer to play padel for these outside members whose price should be around 150 € / year to play all year long. "

« In terms of the ambition of the club, we could offer not only an 2e short but also offer on the existing padel pitch a blanket to allow players to practice the padel all year long. »

"For the moment, we are only at the project stage, but this project depends on the success of the first field. "

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