The Côte d'Azur league is happy: A new padel club has been born.

Situé à proximité du club de Mougins (Le Riviera Padel Mougins), Le Tennis Club de Mouans-Sartoux se lance dans le padel en proposant pour commencer 2 terrains de padel outdoor éclairés. Une région de plus en plus riche en padel.

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Mathieu Pérole, at the origin of the project

After a successful inauguration and the beautiful exhibition of Sandy Godard (Vice-Champion of Europe padel team 2015), Jean Michel Pequery (the former pro tennis player) and the players of the club Christophe Squarta and Mathieu Pérole, he was time for us to know more about this club.

The President of the Mouans Sartoux Tennis Club, Olivier Courrin, says that: "The padel arrived shortly after my nomination for the club presidency. Mathieu Pérole, the deputy sports director of the club then proposed me a new activity more and more fashionable in the region: the padel ».

The first presentation of this sport in front of the management of the club was made in October 2014. "The management was generally very open about this sport Explains the young Sports Director of then 14 years, Julien Saracino.

After the validation of the padel project in front of the club management, the work was just beginning. It was necessary to validate all the investment part. Not so obvious to climb according to Julien Saracino, because "there were a number of financial obstacles to overcome to definitely validate this padel project".

The plebiscite of the padel during the public inquiry

That is why, in order to validate the project definitively, the club has carried out a public inquiry among its members. And here it was a true plebiscite ».

« This consultation was done with our members (300 adults). In the end, we only had one no and again "Says the club officials.

Il y avait le Real Padel Club de Sophia qui fonctionne bien, il y avait également le club de padel de Patrick Fouquet. "And we thought why not here ". Some members were asking for padel because they thought it was very user-friendly.

For club officials, the padel is a great opportunity. On the national level, tennis seems a little in decline, " the padel thus perfectly complements the sports offers of the Tennis Club Mouans Sartoux "Concluded the President of the Club Mouans Sartoux.

An initial project of 4 terrains

Initially the project was on 4 terrains. But financially, it was very complicated. Then the club submitted a global building permit including 3 padel courts. 2 lots were built. So nothing prevents to put an 3e if the sport works as the club hopes.

"The Tennis Club de la Roquette really allowed us to discover the padel 4 or 5 years with Patrick and Kevin Fouquet". Mathieu Pérole continues: "This sport has become very addictive.

A complete commercial offer

rate-paddle-tc-Mouans sartouxThe club enjoys an exceptional site. First view, beautiful despite the many clouds on the day of our visit. The club also offers changing rooms, pro shop, bar and restaurant.

The club will remain open until 22h and remains open to non-members.

In short:

  • Rates in off-peak hours: 3 € / h / person
  • Price in peak hours: 6 € / h / person
  • Racket rental: 1 € / h / person
  • Box of balls: 5 €
  • 10 credits card (+ 1 offered): 60 €
  • 20 credit card (+ 4 offered): 120 €
  • Premium card 50 credits full hours (reserved for members of the tennis club): 200 €
  • Premium card 50 off-peak credits (for tennis club members only): 125 €

The club is very motivated. Commercial offers have been put in place to win additional licensees through this sport of the future.

« We also invested in a software to help us on the padel part "Explains Mathieu Pérole who will first" refer players and rank them by level ". It makes it possible to connect the players according to their level.

It is finally the President of the Club, Olivier Courrin who will conclude on the ambitions of the TCMS: " Combining tennis and paddle is a real asset. This makes it possible to diversify the sports activities proposed to the members of the club while remaining within the fold of the FFT ».

Franck Binisti - PADEL MAGAZINE

All the pictures of the inauguration here:
Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.