Last Sunday, the Tennis Club de Pau organized a day dedicated to the padel for the inauguration of its two new semi-indoor paddle courts (outdoor and indoor at the same time). Summary of the day By Erwan Batoz, the head of TCP com.

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400 curious to hit the ball

More curious 400 followed each other during this discovery day to test this new sport Pau. The two fields already seemed not to be enough.

The day began with a sports breakfast, where the 36 participants in the discovery tournament were able to get to know each other over a coffee followed by a group warm-up in music.

Tournament entries being individual, all teams participating in the tournament were randomly drawn that morning and the players had to improvise with a partner they did not necessarily know. The friendliness was at the rendezvous.

After a reminder of the essential rules of the padel, the different teams are faced in matches 10 min on a tie-breack format. A consoling was organized so that each team could make two meetings at least.

A beautiful demonstration

Throughout the competition, beginners players could take advantage of the advice of 4 "French tops" (France Padel Pro) venus spécialement pour l’occasion. Des coachs en or en la personne de Nicolas Traucard, qui a participé aux championnats du monde au Brésil et en Espagne, Kevin Tap, Vice champion régional , Laurent Imbert , vainqueur de la «National Padel Cup » de 2015 et Bastien Blanqué, huitième avec l’équipe de France au championnat du monde de Cancun en 2012.

After 3 h of friendly competition, it is Christophe Calsives and Valerie Delahay, big winners of the tournament, who are given seats for a spa by Eric Saubatte, Deputy Sport of the city of Pau, and Jocelyne Leleu, President of the TC Pau, during my awards ceremony.

All participants were also given a voucher for an hour of padel offered on the new facilities.

The players, the volunteers of the club and some participants of the Tournament, we closed this beautiful morning with a barbecue where everyone could share their impressions on the discipline.

A padel initiation for all

The afternoon resumed with an animation "padel for all", where pro players have initiated many curious padel. In total, more than 300 people were able to test the facilities of the Tennis Club de Pau.

At 17h, Eric Saubatte, Jocelyne Leleu, Michelle Dieudonné of the Departmental Tennis Committee and Anne-Marie Minvielle, Vice President of the CBBL league, officially inaugurated the two courts by cutting a ribbon in front of the entire audience. Many local media were present (France 3 Pau, France blue Bearn, South West or the Republic of the Pyrenees) for the occasion.

Following this ceremony where each partner spoke, the officials gave way to pro players for a spectacular exhibition match.

The day ended with an aperitif open to everyone and a musical meal for the volunteers and partner of the Tennis Club de Pau.

Erwan Batoz

Photo credits: Erwan Bartoz / Pau Tennis Club

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.