If you are a fan of padel international, and hot moments, you necessarily know Out Of Context's X page (formerly Twitter).

If unfortunately the account was not active this month, it nevertheless remains a small gold mine for any fan of padel looking for controversies, hilarious scenes, little tantrums from gamers padel professionals…

To pay tribute to the creators of this account, we offer you our Top 5 funniest moments from Out Of Context!

When Galan forbids Lebron from going to the bathroom

Carlos Pozzoni and Di Nenno's bottle

When Jon Sanz does the complete opposite of what his teammate asks of him

Coello doesn't want Tapia to eat bananas

Jorge Martinez, Galan, and Lebron's t-shirt!

Xan is a fan of padel. But also rugby! And his posts are just as punchy. Physical trainer of several padel, he unearths atypical posts or deals with topical subjects. It also gives you some tips to develop your physique for the padel. Clearly, he imposes his offensive style as on the field of padel !