The president of the International Federation of Padel Luigi Carraro recently presented the first version of the “World Padel Report”, an analysis of FIP activities carried out by its own research center. Through this 54-page document, the padel reveals all the facets of its global expansion. Here are the four issues to remember.

Is Argentina really the second nation behind Spain?

World Veteran Argentina Spain 2024

In the world of padel, there is Spain, Argentina… and the others. And unsurprisingly, the battle is tough between the two biggest countries in this sport. According to the figures in the report, the Argentinians are (for the moment) the only ones capable of slowing down Iberian hegemony on a sporting level. For example, they are behind Spain in terms of victories in FIP tournaments (69 against 292) and victories in the Premier Padel (16 against 34).

In the men's ranking, only 12 players in the Top 100 are neither Argentinian nor Spanish, compared to 19 among the women! A domination that continues during the National World Championships, where rivals regularly compete for the title. It's simple: since the creation of this tournament, no final (men's and women's) has been played without one of the two countries being present. Together they have 31 gold medals, 28 silver medals and 1 bronze medal in 32 editions.

However, Argentina is lagging behind with its infrastructure. The Pibes have never hosted a single stage of the FIP Promises, the youth circuit, and have only hosted six FIP international competitions since 2019. A real anomaly when you have 7 tracks (third highest total).

Sweden or Italy, which is the second European country?

Perino left-handed forehand volley premier padel 2023

Behind the behemoths of padel, two nations of the Old Continent are fighting each other: Sweden and Italy. Except that at the moment, there is no real debate as the Boot flies over its opponent at all levels. The Italians in fact have 9 plots of land at their disposal, almost twice as many as the Scandinavians (050). They have organized and won 4 tournaments, while the Swedes have only 200 stages for 62 victories.

Furthermore, remember that the Italians won two bronze medals at the World Championships (2021 and 2022).

In the elite, the Peninsula also has a small head start. It has 12 representatives in the Top 100 (including Carolina Orsi and Denis Perino, in photo), while the Blågult have only two headliners: Carolina Navarro Björk (33) and Daniel Windahl (50). However, we can qualify these statistics by noting that Italy has several naturalized Argentines...

France or Italy, who has the advantage?


Little by little, France is also asserting itself as a player in padel European, but more will have to be done to catch up with Italy. There is a big gap in terms of courts (only 2 in France) and players on the circuit. Among the Tricolores, no man has managed to settle in the Top 150 since the retirement of Benjamin Tison, while among the women, only two players are doing well: Alix Collombon (100) and Léa Godallier (30).

However, not everything is to be thrown away at the international level. If the Italians are ahead of the French in FIP tournaments (62 victories against 25), our nationals shine more during the World Championships. They have a women's (2012) and men's (2022) bronze medal, and hosted the 2000 edition in Toulouse, unlike the Transalpins. Will France be able to gain the upper hand in the coming years? To be continued…

What are the two nations of padel the most surprising?

P2 Brussels 2024 Premier padel eighths

We had left Paraguay in 2018, at the end of a fiasco which marked the planet padel. Six years later, he seems to have recovered well. Having the smallest ratio of inhabitants per road padel (3) behind Spain, this Latin American country has progressed in terms of organization, as we could see during the P431 in Asunción. A promising new generation is also emerging, with a gold medal won at the World Juniors (2) and 2021 FIP competitions won…

In Europe, it is the turn of Belgium to get excited about the little yellow ball. Since the end of confinement, demand has exploded across Quiévrain: more than 439 new practitioners have been identified in the space of four years. Clément Geens and Helena Wyckaert defend the Belgian colors, and the organization of tournaments (P000 Brussels in photo, FIP Rise Koksijde) is increasing. Before an irresistible climb?

The full document can be found below:

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