During a interview with Padel Magazine at Betclic Premier Padel Bordeaux P2, Miguel Lamperti returned to the current conditions of the players of padel professionals.

Expensive travel…

The Argentinian, who is now in 49th place in the FIP ranking, explained to us that for players like him who are no longer part of the elite of the padel global, it is not easy to get by financially.

“Today, it is much more difficult economically for the player who is beyond the Top 20. Before, the circuit was 80% in Spain and we played basically five tournaments abroad. Today, on 25 tournaments, 19 taking place abroad !

It’s very expensive, between the plane, the coach to pay…”

Indeed, if the very best generally do very well, with prize money higher than those of the era of World Padel Tour, it's much harder for those who have difficulty playing leading roles. From there to regret the WPT? The native of Bahia Blanca responds:

"For me the World Padel Tour did an incredible job. In the end, we always try to improve everything but I believe that the World Padel Tour set the bar very high.

Premier Padel does very important work. Being able to play at Roland-Garros, to play in Italy, we never dreamed of it. However, for a player who is not in the Top 20 or 30, the cost has become very high. It's almost impossible to have a coach and be able to pay him.

On a first round or an eighth, we win €2000 and the costs amount to €3000. And again, you have to manage to reach the eighth, which is not always easy. Our brands make a lot of effort for us, they do everything to ensure that the player padel can make a living from sport."

The 2024 calendar Premier Padel :


An even worse situation for previas players…

As you probably know, the best players in padel of the world almost all live in Spain. This is where we find the most experienced coaches, the best training partners. So, on the World Padel Tour, which based most of its schedule on Spain, travel was inexpensive. In particular, players could carpool to go to tournaments, and sometimes host each other.

But today, you have to take the plane, with expensive tickets, and a lot of time spent traveling, for example with the South American tour which lasted three weeks. This means many hotel nights to pay for but also many times away from home. And when we know that many players participating in qualifications give lessons in their club to be able to finance their season...

Finally, as we see in the 2024 prize money, players who lose in qualifying do not win money, so they must have many sponsors to be able to get by. But when you're the 100th player padel global, not easy to attract investors…

The 2024 prize money on Premier Padel :


You got it, the Premier Padel does not necessarily represent an improvement at the economic level for all these second or third zone players. Not to mention that to be able to earn points and participate in leading tournaments, you also have to travel to the FIP Tour, a circuit with very low financial rewards and which often requires such significant travel...

We understand better why some would want to leave the PPA…

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