Le World Padel Tour has decided to make its video refereeing even more efficient by incorporating twelve new cameras for video refereeing.

jostled this season by Premier Padel (and even by the APT Padel Tower), the World Padel Tour has not said its last word.

The circuit which is now 100% owned by Estrella Damm continues to offer innovations to make the padel ever more professional. Proof of this is the incorporation of twelve new HD cameras to allow video refereeing to be as efficient as possible.

A novelty that will make its appearance at this year's Madrid Master, and which will be organized as follows:

The cameras will be installed at each corner and in front of each line. According to the WPT, the new system will provide instant replay simultaneously and in Full HD quality, allowing operators to review actions through the control system. They will be able to move forward or backward at will, and will have real-time control to view points from different angles while changing the playback speed.

How to avoid all possible doubts?

source: World Padel Tour

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