The arrival of the World Padel Tour at the Real Polo Club of Barcelona is a major event of the season.
Strong place of the history of the Spanish paddle with Marbella and Valencia, it is THE rendezvous where it is necessary to shine

and where everyone wants to be noticed thanks to a great sporting performance.

With its brand new outdoor facilities and the presence of padel gratin

in the audience, all elements are gathered to launch the prequalification of the 2016 edition of the Master World Padel Tour Barcelona.

Side weather, small flat for fans and sun lovers who had to settle for a gloomy weather and cloudy; the players had to master a heavy ball and evolved on a slightly damp track.

Robin Haziza and Jérémy Scatena have not gone far

Great news on the other side of the Pyrenees, the internationalization of the padel is concretized with the presence of the guest pair Champion of France Haziza / Scatena and Dutch players Bruijsten / Meijer.

Other representatives of the padel in its "global" version were the table: the top players Portguais Diogo Rocha and Diogo Shaeffer, from London the Spanish X. De Benito and the Argentine M.Andrini, J. Pastor (Monaco) associated to R. Saba, Argentinian player who has come to the 30 world rank in 2011.

Very briefly, Padel Magazine presents you some results of the day of Pre-Qualification of Saturday 30 April:

- Juan Carlos Ferrero and B. Frances played the marathon match of the day: defeat 6-7 7-6 6-3 against D. Esteban / G. Godo, 16 Catalan Federation number.

- The figures of the French paddle Haziza / Scatena have no blush for their performance.
They bow 6-4 6-1 against R. Rodriguez / M. Gonzalez and led 4-1 in the first inning!
Robin, well returned in the game did not manage to "contaminate" Jeremy who had to face a talented setback that alternated wonderfully short games - long games.
For information. Roberto Rodriguez evolves at the 25e post of the Catalan Federation of Padel.

- The Catalan hopes Roger Aromi / Enric Batalla did not create the surprise against the experienced Sergi Bursa - Pol Alsina (20 and 29e fed Catalan Padel), defeat 6-1 6-3 young players trained by Pablo Ayma.

- F. Pastor and R. Saba bow to the young players of Girona M. Geli (70e fed catalan) and S. Guimet, aggressive and decisive throughout their game.

- Catalan 1 numbers E. Sanmarti / A. Biglieri, backed up by their Mas de Perpignan fan club, impose their rhythm on D.Schaeffer / P. Acevedo, and post a very high level performance 7-6 6- 4.

- Mr Andrini and X De Benito did not return to the thrilling rhythm of their match against A. Viuda (Alicante) and I. Otero (Galicia), experienced players and used to World Padel Tour qualifications.

On Sunday, for the 2e round of qualifying, some big names of the padel launch their wpt Barcelona campaign: Mr. Capitani, G Castañon, R. Brooks.
Also note the meeting 100% Catalan Sanmarti / Biglieri has Mercadal / Quilez.
Jen Marc Herard - Padel Magazine
Jean-Marc Herard

Jean-Marc Herard is the chronicler Padel Magazine internationally. The Barcelona resident offers us a more international vision of padel, notably with his Padel Buzz column. JMH is the scanner of the world padel.