We had the chance to interview Léa Godallier, who tells us about her move to Andalusia and her plans for 2021 on the World Padel Tour !

Bordeaux to Malaga

Padel Magazine : You recently moved to Andalusia, why this decision? Can you tell us more ?

Lea Godallier: "I came to live in Spain for my professional project of padel but it is also a life project. Being Tahitian, it was important for me to get closer to the sea. Malaga is a favorite city, I came to train here for a week and from the first day I liked it. Here there is a real fervor around the padel, there is really no shortage of clubs to train and on top of that I will be able to work out on the beach. ”

Padel Magazine : What kind of workout can you do on the beach?

Léa Godallier: “The idea is to use the sand to work both at the cardio level and at the speed / explosiveness level while limiting muscle trauma. It's something that I always did when I was young and I lived in Biarritz, and I am very happy to be able to start doing it again several times a week. Once the session is over I can put my legs in the sea, it's perfect for recovery! ”

A new project with a new trainer

Padel Magazine : Is this the end of your project with Jorge de Benito? What do you remember from these two years with him?

Lea Godallier: "When we started together in Bordeaux in 2019, from the first training session, I had the impression of discovering what the padel. These are moments that I will never forget. It allowed me to progress enormously and then convinced me to launch myself in Spain on the World Padel Tour. I am now ranked number 53 and it is thanks in large part to him that I am going through what I am going through right now. He taught me a lot, he's an incredibly nice person, and he will obviously remain a very good friend! ”

“I'm definitely going to continue to follow him since he's now the coach of Carla Mesa (No. 29 WPT), so we'll continue to see each other on the circuit. I wish him the best of luck in his new project, and I hope I won't have to face them too often because he knows me by heart! (laughs) ”

Léa Godallier Guti coach Malaga 2021

Padel Magazine : Can you tell us about your new trainer?

Lea Godallier: "His name is José Luis Gutierez De Alamo (Guti), he works for the Spanish Federation of padel, he has extensive experience in the world of padel since he trained among others Bea Gonzalez and Paquito Navarro. The current went very well from day one and we agree on the work to be done. He is a benchmark in this sport in Spain and you can see it from the start, he is very professional. ”

New ambitions

Padel Magazine : You move from Madrid where many of the best WPT players play to Malaga, isn't it more complicated to find training partners?

Lea Godallier: “Several girls from World Padel Tour are in Malaga: Marta Caparros, with whom I train once a week, Andreina De Los Santes, Manuela Alaga… As in all the big Spanish cities, there are a lot of people who play very well, so there is no really has no problem finding good level sparing! ”

Padel Magazine : Do you think you are going to take a new step alongside “Guti”?

Lea Godallier: "This is the goal, we will do everything to get there. I am starting my second full-time season on the World Padel Tour and obviously the objective is to continue to progress by making the best use of my tennis past. I would also like to make some technical adjustments to allow me to offer a padel more aggressive. Nowadays the padel evolves towards an ever stronger attacking game, that's what I would like to strive for. For that I need a maximum of weapons, so I intend to expand my range! At the same time, I am pursuing a specific physical work program to be able to be both more aggressive and more resistant on the track. ”

Léa Godallier vibora malaga 2021

The great adventure continues with Nox

Padel Magazine : You have renewed your contract with Nox in 2021, can you tell us a little more?

Lea Godallier: "The first two years with Nox having gone very well, we decided to continue together for the next two seasons. I have received a bunch of outfits, each more beautiful than the last, so I will be in the best shape to face this new year! ”

Padel Magazine : With which pala will we see you on the courts this year?

Lea Godallier: "As you can see in the photos, this year I will be armed with the Nox AT10 Genius Arena, an incredible pala, very versatile, and which perfectly matches my game. ”

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