Léa Godallier looks back on her season on the World Padel Tour and on her debut as a padel professional.

Padel Magazine : You are today one of the executives of the French team of padel, yet it is a sport that you finally discovered quite recently after several years in tennis, can you tell us more?

Lea Godallier: “I played tennis for almost 15 years and reached the -4/6 ranking. I discovered the padel at the Bordeaux Tennis Club and I found it very funny. It is a sport that is played as a team, very accessible that I immediately liked. I played my first official tournament in December 2016. From there, I took a liking to competitions and I did more and more, until I started on the professional circuit, there is now a year and a half. ”

Padel Magazine : You moved to Madrid a year ago to become a professional padel, tell us about your typical weeks in Madrid? 

Lea Godallier: “Yes I took an apartment near Madrid in September 2019 to be able to continue training with my coach Jorge De Benito and to be able to move more easily to the competitions of World Padel Tour.

I played all season with Laura Clergue who was also in Madrid, it allowed us to train together twice a week with our respective coaches. I also train on my side with Jorge and we also play practice matches, twice a week on average. 

I also have physical sessions five times a week with my physical trainer, who is also my darling 🙂

This year has been special with the health crisis, but between the tournaments of the Madrid circuit, the FIP STAR and the circuit of World Padel Tour, we must have played on average 2 to 3 tournaments per month! ”

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Padel Magazine : What are your best results to date? And what are your ambitions on the circuit?

Lea Godallier: “My best result to date: two 1 / 8thmy Open finals World Padel Tour made this year. For the moment, the objective would be to reach the top 30 next year. ”

Padel Magazine : You were able to play the world's best pair of the World Padel Tour. What do you need to be able to compete with these players? 

Lea Godallier: “It was a very good experience to face the first world pair. They are players who have mastered the sport both technically and tactically. They play padel for a very long time and it shows on the track. I think there are areas where they will always be stronger, but to be able to compete one day I already have to keep working hard and maybe come up with a different style of play, more based on my tennis past and on my physical qualities. “

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Padel Magazine : We saw you playing with Agustin Tapia's Nox AT10 Genius, why did you choose this racquet? Do you think you will change in 2021?

Lea Godallier: “I chose the Nox AT10 Genius because it is a very versatile racquet that allows me to feel comfortable in attack and defense. The choice was not very easy either, as I also liked several other rackets from the LUXURY range. I am currently in the test phase for 2021 and I will communicate soon on my choice! “

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