Léa Godallier, who started the season on the World Padel Tour with Teresa Navarro looks back on the first two tournaments and on his agreement with this new partner.

Absent in Miami, the two players reached the round of XNUMX in Reus then in Vigo, thanks to victories against Polo / Reiter in Catalonia, and against Guinart / Nogueira in Galicia.

“We get along well with “Tere”. I quickly saw that she had experience. We don't know each other very well yet but after only two tournaments, I think there are a lot of positives.

She has a very framed, typical game padel with a lot of calm, work. In Vigo, we had a difficult first round, we expected a very tough match. I played very well for my part, being very solid and aggressive when necessary. I'm glad the work I've been able to do over the past few weeks has worked out.”

“After the disappointment of Miami where I couldn't go, I was looking forward to the season starting. We are still getting to know each other with Teresa, we will try to train a little together.

This week we play Getafe Challenger, and in the first round we face the same opponents as in Vigo. So another good match in perspective against Nogueira who has great experience and Guinart who is a very aggressive and young left-hander.

We won the first time but this week is a new tournament, a new day, new conditions… We can't wait for it to start with Teresa!”

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