Padel Stuff, the vocational training organization, explains how to learn to deal with frustration and negativity at padel, to make the most of defeats until the final victory!

Accept anger to create a break with the past

ImAgree that you miss a shot, your next reaction is to curse yourself. Depending on the person and the situation, this can even lead to gestures of annoyance such as throwing racket. You ask yourself, “How did-Could I have missed that? ” IThis is a fairly common behavior in situations unfavorable. These are often the ipower and discomfort caused by anxiety that triggered this negative emotion.

Now I asks you: “What-what's good about all of this? ” From a psychological point of view, a single thing. It may force you to accept our mistakes, channel them and learn to minimize them. Décharging your anger is not negative in itself, it should be seen as a rupture with the past. The three seconds you spend on the error should allow to "tell him to revoir '.

It is therefore necessary to know how to do it in such a way that very little time we get back to the game. Error is part of the game, and we have two options facing her. We canns accept and analyze it, or get upset, make us feel guilty and “beat us up-same “, spending a lot of energy on gestures and cries that draw us into a circle of negativity and increase the likelihood of failure again.

Focus on the present moment

By accepting and analyzing the error, we will be able to find out why we have failed, which will help us know what we need to improve to be more effective in similar situations. This will bring us in a cercthe of positivity. This circle only attracts what is added, which helps us to continue to give the best of us-same. Knowing where you have failed will make you better. Focus on the mistake of Monconstructive stance will help you keep control of the situation and ultimately you will be the owner of your present, the here and now of your iu is there only thing that matters.

A very easy way to reorient yourself after a mistake is to kick it out. You can take 3-4 seconds to perform this action. A breath that forced out discomfort, a car-instructpositive ion like saying: "Go on !"allows you to focus on the present moment in a way ppositive, which makes you go to the pointt next. So what if you say something negative, will stay anchored in the past.

Finally, restez 5 seconds to seek and get the best possible alternative to improve your execution, your grip, your position depending on the move you are going to play, or choose the most suitable speed.

In conclusion, we can say: expel your discomfort, analyze why it happened and take the mental action that will get you to do things right when this action will repeat!

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