Avantage-padel, the application which allows players to meet on padel tracks, offers to take advantage of quarantine to “discover” its software.

It is one of the many applications on the padel market. There are apps for managing clubs, apps for rankings and tournaments, and apps for finding game partners, including benefit-padel.

Recently a group was formed in Nice, previously a community had already been created in Marseille, add that to the clubs already present, and you will see that the number of users continues to increase.

So that everyone can “discover” the features of Advantage-padel during the quarantine period, you can download the app (tennis padel advantage) on Ios and Android, create your account for free in one of the 28 clubs already present and start your game or participate in already open games.

We all know that the matches created in the coming days will not be able to “really” be played. So go ahead, try it and discover this new way to meet on the padel tracks with people of your level that you do not necessarily know.

We must come out of this quarantine grown up, and advantage-padel offers to support the practice of padel leisure on another level.

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Julien Bondia

Julien Bondia is a padel teacher in Tenerife. He is the founder of AvantagePadel.net, a software very appreciated by clubs and padel players. Columnist and advisor, he helps you play better through his many padel tutorials.