Exhibitions follow one another across the world while waiting for the resumption of international competitions. See you this time at Cancun in Mexico for Alejandro Galan, Juan Lebron and Miguel Lamperti for an exhibition match on January 19 at 20 p.m. local time. The match is to follow live on the club's Facebook page Journey Padel Sand

This magnificent club located in Cancun, and which aims to train the Mexican champions of tomorrow, offers us a new exhibition of very high level after having received the visit of Maxi Sanchez and Tito Allemandi last week. The future WPT pair was able to make its ranges there by opposing the always very spectacular Tolito Aguirre, associated with Matias Del Moral.

padel cancun mexico exhibition galan lebron lamperti aguirre

Tonight, the program will offer an exhibition match between world numbers 1 Ale Galan and Juan Lebron, against Miguel Lamperti and Tolito Aguirre. Play of lights, thick smoke, the show promises to be grandiose in a country where we know how to host major sporting events and where the padel grows at great speed.

As attendance is limited, the club will broadcast the long-awaited match live on his facebook page. If you want to see this meeting, you will need to watch and a good dose of coffee because the match will start at 3 a.m., French time. And for those of you who prefer to join the arms of Morpheus, you will always have the possibility to see the match in replay, always on the Facebook page of the Journey club. Padel Sand

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