After this Clear victory for Spanish pair Juan Lebron / Ale Galan at the Open Menorca you wonder who can beat them when they are at their best.

Navarro / Di Nenno at a very high level

The world of padel is unanimous: Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno completely deserve their number 2 seed status on the World Padel Tour.

The Argentine and the Spaniard have been playing at a very high level for several months now and their 4 finals on the last 4 tournaments fully testify to this. During the Menorca Open, they continued their momentum, including inflicting a 6/1 6/4 on Stupa and Ruiz to reach the final without losing a set.

While they dreamed of a second title in 2021, they fell for the second consecutive time in the final against… Lebron and Galan!

Lebron and Galan: domination since 2020

The Spaniards have won 12 out of 25 possible titles straddling 2020 and 2021. In other words, almost every second tournament is won by the Spanish pair. They monopolize the first place in the ranking since the return of confinement and are not about to abandon it.

Juan Lebron screams for joy with Alejandro Galan

Indeed, with 4 points ahead of Paquito Navarro, 800rd, and 3 over Martin Di Nenno, 5th, the two men who each have 525 points in the standings will, barring injury, end the year at the top of the ranking.

It must be said that when they play at their best, they are simply invincible. Yesterday in the final, against a pair that almost everyone agrees, they achieved a recital of winning points. Between smashes behind the line and overpowered volleys, the two men played a padel just too fast for the competition. Paquito Navarro himself recognized him at the end of the meeting.

After a delicate little period, numbers 1 seem to be off on the right foot. Juan Lebron regained a good attitude on the court and his partner went back to being a winning points machine. All the lights are on the green for these two youngsters, who will be the big favorites for the Master Final at the end of the season. Beaten by Bela / Tapia last year, they will certainly be keen to “rectify the situation” in 2021!

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