From his height of 90 meters, Leo Augsburger is not a player who asks too many questions on the track. padel : the Argentinian is more the type to use his powerful arm whenever he has the chance.

Indeed, according to the figures of Padel Addict and Padel Intelligence, when it is lobbed, Augsburger smashes in 64% of cases!

And those who regularly watch the matches of the native of Posadas know that when he is not hitting to try to win the point, he often tends to let the ball pass to send a bajada overpowering. You have understood, Augsburger does not really rhyme with bandeja...

But if he is a winning points machine, the Argentinian is also the player who has made the most mistakes since the start of the season… He will therefore have to find a balance between winning points and unforced errors to be able to achieve a ranking that matches his exceptional talent as quickly as possible!

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