If you want to be the king of the padel, you must know how to move on the field. This is why movement training is just as important as physical and technical training. Anyway, it will not be useful to have a spectacular technique if you do not hit the balls.

What is the good trip to the padel?

It is very important to get a good coordination in our movements, and to include in our workouts specific mobility exercises to improve this aspect, and the footwork.

First of all, before you know how to move, you have to know how to position yourself on the padel court. You should know that the basic waiting position is: legs spread shoulder width, knees bent, and body weight slightly forward.

As for the upper body: the arms are slightly bent, the racket placed at chest height, and the look on your opponent in front.

From this position, we can move on the ground with greater agility, and improve our reaction speed.

Keep in mind that paddle moves should be done in small steps that allow us to better adjust while starting the preparation of the shot.

Here are details, all the points to better move you on a padel court:

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Alexis Dutour

Alexis Dutour is passionate about paddle. With his training in communication and marketing, he puts his skills at the service of the padel to offer us articles always very interesting.