Although the paddle technique is not very complicated, and you learn relatively quickly (it will always depend on the skills of each player, his level of effort, and his desire to learn). And until you understand, you can recognize some common technical mistakes padel amateur players.

The vast majority of these failures are related to a bad placement on the field, not knowing how to move, you make sudden movements to reach the ball.

In this column, we will list the common mistakes of the paddle technique among amateur players:

  • A classic of padel novice players is to stay static on the field, not to move during the game, and to stand still "to see the balls come". And padel, if you do not know how to move inside the field, you're in pain. So you must train well especially in the footwork, because otherwise you may lose countless balls by not reaching them. Thus, you will be in uncomfortable positions, without being able to make a good strike, and generate most of the time bad returns.
  • On the return, you can miss techniques in the beginners players, and we must fix them immediately, because a good service can become decisive.
  • Another typical error of the lack of technique in the amateur players is the insufficient accompaniment of the body after the impact. Here, it will be necessary that the players can be put in mind that a shot at the padel is not just the arm, it is the whole body that must perform a specific task.

  • Do not feel the right impact zone of your racket (which differs depending on whether you have a round racket, drop of water or diamond). When a player does not hit the ball in the heart of the impact zone, it deflects the ball from the direction desired by the player.
  • A poor racket position when performing a volley is also a sign of poor technique in amateur players. Indeed, when you hold your racket, the racket should not go straight down or have the sieve at the wrist. You must have a firm wrist to let the sieve almost "parallel" to the net.

There are other technical details that paddle players do not master, but to master the technique and the game, you have to put a lot of will, and many hours of training in the field. So, all these little failures will be solved in the blink of an eye.

Get closer to your padel club, your teacher or training and internship organizations. Promised, you will never be the same player again! : =)

Alexis Dutour

Alexis Dutour is passionate about paddle. With his training in communication and marketing, he puts his skills at the service of the padel to offer us articles always very interesting.