The steps for a successful LIVE with a mobile

mobile direct steps

As part of a live broadcast of sporting events, we can retrieve a stream to then enrich it and broadcast on social networks.

However, without a good internet speed, the live can be compromised.

The 3 main steps

In addition, here are the steps to follow to optimize the quality of live with a mobile phone:

  1. Preliminary downloads :
    • Get the app Speedtest to check your connection speed.
    • Download Prism Live and open the application to validate its operation.
  2. Preparing the phone :
    • Place the phone well in the shade to avoid overheating.
    • Remove the shell for better heat dissipation.
    • Close all open applications to free up memory and optimize performance.
    • Lower screen brightness to save battery.
  3. Management of notifications and calls :
    • Activate “Busy” or “Sleep” mode to prevent incoming calls or notifications from interrupting the live broadcast.

By following these instructions, you should be able to perform a smooth and trouble-free live.

A few tips :

Despite good throughput, the cellular network can drop during the day for a variety of reasons, regardless of your coverage. This is why we invite you to be reactive when this takes place. We will ask you to restart the live. For this, we recommend:

  • Put the phone in airplane mode then turn it off
  • Relaunch the app