New week and new tournaments for French players on the FIP Tour. On the program, Thailand, Kuwait and Norway.

En Thailand, in Phuket more precisely, no less than 10 French people will be present on the slopes. In this FIP Promotion (lowest category of the FIP Tour), two teams will be among the favorites among the men: Manu Vives / Julien Seurin, seeded 1 and Dorian De Meyer / Thomas Vanbauce, seeded 4. Note, however, that the Seurin / Vives pair could, according to our information, ultimately withdraw.

These two duos will be accompanied by six players that we are not used to seeing very often at international tournaments. We will follow the tricolor pairs Lacoste / Desurmont et Guillet / Barateau as well as the Franco-Filipino pair, Jay / Sahagun and the Franco-American tandem Lecomte / Wilson.

En Norway, we will follow the tricolor number 1 Benjamin Tison, who teams up with the Belgian Clément Geens, with whom he played a round of XNUMX at the WPT Amsterdam Open. The Franco-Belgian pair form the 4 seed in the tournament and do not have an easy draw: they face the Portuguese Perry and Fazendeiro in the first round!

In this FIP Rise Norway, we also find a tricolor pair for the ladies: Barsotti/Sireix.

Finally, in the FIP Rise of Kuwait, we follow the pairs Jerome Inzerillo / Emiliano Iriart (TS4) and Dylan Guichard / Jérémy Scatena (TS7) among the gentlemen, as well as Carla Toully and Argentina's Nela Brito for the ladies!

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