The veterans are still here and are not ready to leave to the public's delight. The World Padel Tour de San Fernando saw the coronation of Willy Lahoz and Fernando Belasteguin for the men and Alejandra Salazar and Marta Marrero for the women.

Show as rarely.

Following the injury of Pablo Lima, Bela's new teammate for this year 2015, Willy Lahoz has become at least this week, the partner of the worldwide number 1. They gave us an extraordinary show.

In front of them, it was the pair to beat this beginning of the year, Paquito Navarro and Matia Diaz ... But she could not do anything.

Bela and Lahoz made lightning speak through blows from nowhere. Driven by a break from the start of the first set, they managed to break and then take off to win the first set 6 / 4.

Bela would run for two! He took 70% of the bullets by doing things that time had partly forgotten to the public. Lahoz, it was set like a clock but in his own way ...

Which way will you say? This atypical player does not seem to move a lot, but a little like a Gaby Reca, always well placed with a hand capable of doing everything.

The second set is beautiful. Lost 6 / 3, Paquito and Matias could not do anything because in front, the pair was formidable and we had a Bela of the big days, ended nevertheless on the kneecaps and we understand!

Will he be able to achieve this technical and physical feat every two weeks? As long as Pablo Lima is recovering, it will take a Bela to 300% to hope to go as far as possible.

Salazar and Marrero: to business

Since the separation with Icia Montes, Alexjandra salazar was playing well but not enough to go all the way up. Marta Marrero, who is a bigger and certainly more powerful player, has a different game from Iciar.

But, we can say it, the season of Alej and Marta is definitively launched with this very beautiful victory on the Alayeto twin sisters who trust all the finales for several months now.

It must be said, the twin sisters started the game upside down by being quickly led 5 / 0. That's when, taking advantage of a deconcentration of global 2 numbers, the sisters returned to 5 / 4. But too late, the Salazar / Marrero pair wins the set definitively (6 / 4)

The second set is totally different. This time, the games are very tight and the level of play is high. But here too, the world numbers are showing clumsiness while Ale and Marta tighten the game to win the tie-break of the second set.

The next competition of World Padel Tour will take place in Palma ...

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Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.