Next year the padel will be present for the first time at the European Games, and it is in Krakow that these will take place!

In an open letter, Luigi Carraro (president of the FIP) wished to express its joy regarding the agreement approving the presence of the padel at the European Games, while taking the opportunity to make an updated mini-assessment of the padel in the world.

In this letter, Carraro does not hesitate to welcome the progress made by the padel " This fantastic news once again demonstrates the huge positive progress that the padel done – under the governance of the International Federation of Padel with the support of all our national federations – to develop both professionally AND amateurishly in all corners of the world."

He also returned to the possible participation of the padel in the Asian games, which would again have the effect of a bomb because the padel not being established there as much as in Europe or America, participation in this type of event in Asia could be a real boom in terms of visibility and notoriety for Asian populations: “The involvement of padel at the 2023 European Games complements other recent news that the Olympic Council of Asia has begun the process of accepting Padel at the Asian Games."

But this substantive work, which is essential, is also a way of carrying the padel forward and it is notably thanks to this that the President of the FIP announces the arrival of new federations within it: ” The work we do day and night at FIP, thanks to you, our local federations, is building a lasting legacy for generations to come – and we were particularly proud at our recent General Assembly to welcome 14 new federations and 19 potential federations among FIP members to enhance all of our work and impact globally."

Without forgetting the most important and the heart of this letter, he did not hesitate to thank the Polish federation for padel (and more particularly its president Marcin Potrzebowski), the Polish organizing committee and the Polish Olympic committee for the inclusion of padel in these European games.

To find the letter in full, it's here:

Nasser Hoverini

Passionate about football, I discovered the padel in 2019. Since then, it's been crazy love with this sport to the point of abandoning my favorite sport.