That’s a pretty interesting statistic. According to information from our colleagues at Padelmetrics and Padel Intelligence, the players who commit the most provoked fouls are also those who commit the most unprovoked fouls, and vice versa.

We can see this clearly in the following graph, which is based on 600 matches of Premier Padel this season and which focuses on twenty of the best players in the world.

We still see some small exceptions, with a Juan LeBron, who is the player who commits the fewest provoked fouls, but not the one who makes the fewest unprovoked mistakes. Probably because he has a bit of a risky game for a right-wing player. Leo Augsburger, for his part, does not shine with his defense, but he nevertheless makes fewer unforced errors than an Arroyo, a Tello or a Sanz.

Fede Chingotto, as often, shines with his metronomic side with very low figures in both categories.

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