The length of women's matches is becoming a real subject of debate padel. We saw it in Argentina, where in slow conditions, some matches in the women's draw lasted hours. Indeed, during the final of Mar Del Plata P1 between Sanchez/Josemaria and Brea/Gonzalez lasted more than three hours. Same thing in the semi-final: Delfi Brea and Bea Gonzalez won after 3h28 of fighting against Triay / Fernandez.

Why do women's matches last so long?

Less powerful and athletic, female players naturally have a more strategic and less aggressive style of play than their male counterparts, who are capable of generating winning shots much more easily. This results in longer rallies and points that last longer. Girls generally have to rely more on patience, and wait for the perfect moment to conclude.

Women's matches slow punto de oro 2024

Women therefore often emphasize technique and precision, which can slow down the pace of the game. The shots are calculated and considered, we work on the point in search of an unmissable opportunity or a mistake on the part of the player. 'opponent.

Several issues

Although it is true that some prefer extended points and fierce tactical battles to sequences of winning shots, the longest matches can cause a certain boredom among spectators.

    Furthermore, the players' bodies are put to the test with such marathons, obviously increasing the risk of injury...

    Finally, organizers must adapt tournament schedules to take into account the length of women's matches, which can complicate logistics. For example, during the semi-finals, the match which was played in the fourth rotation between the Superpibes and the Chingotto/Galan pair started after midnight, which is obviously not ideal for the players and the spectacle…

    Which solution ?

    As our expert Stéphane Penso said, for men, it could be interesting to reduce ball pressure so that there are more rallies and fewer winning shots. And, conversely, increasing this pressure among women could help shorten exchanges.

    Another solution would be to do as in FIP tournaments and also implement the “punto de oro” on the circuit. Premier Padel. This would speed up the pace of matches by avoiding the many advantages, while increasing the suspense by providing a crucial deciding point for winning the game!

    So in your opinion, should we change the conditions, for both men and women?

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