On the eve of start of the main draw of the Master Valladolid 2021, we suggest that you remind yourself of the best points of the last edition of this Master.

This week in Valladolid we will experience the second Master of the season. This year, the professional circuit takes into account five plus the Final Master which will be held at Madrid.

The Valladolid Master is the opportunity to Galan and Lebron to win their second Masters of the 2021 season and to further consolidate their lead in the standings with the 1.700 point awarded to the winners.

While waiting to find the best players in the world on the slopes, we are enjoying the best moments of this tournament which was won by Lebron and Navarro in 2019!

Lebron and Navarro after obtaining the Master in 2019

3 number

An impressive point with a physical demonstration of Lebron who comes out almost in the stands to put the ball back but that is not enough to postpone this puntazo concluded with a par 4 by Miguel Lamperti.

2 number

This may be one of the hits of the past few years. A bajada de pared with the side window that ends in passing. Never seen before Uri Botello!

1 number

From adversity to glory. In 2019 Valladolid Masters final, the current numbers one were face to face. A duel won by Lebron who achieves his signature stroke to put the ball out of reach ofAlejandro Galán.

Colombians love it padel ! So yes, we are not the best, but the main thing is to participate. You understood it, I am the chico who comes from Bogota and I intend to mark the padel of my imprint with Padel Magazine.