You are a player of padel amateur and wondering if you should copy the strategies of top players? Laurent Klein Padel Score answers you.

For amateurs, strategy is often based on simple principles: focusing on basic shots, minimizing fouls and maintaining a balanced position on the court. Communication with the partner and coverage of the space are essential to avoid common mistakes.

On the other hand, experienced players approach the padel with a more sophisticated approach. Strategy includes anticipating opponent's moves, exploiting opponent's weaknesses, and using advanced shots such as smashes and volleys with finesse. Advanced players seek to dictate the pace of the game, using variations in speed and precise placements to destabilize their opponents. Laurine Bergaud's visit during an amateur tournament at the Mirabel Piégon Tennis Club allowed us to see the application of these methods.

The transition from amateur to advanced involves increased technical mastery and finer tactical understanding, transforming each match into a true strategic duel. Freeing yourself from the lead score allows players of all levels to concentrate on these game strategies or, on the contrary, to change them according to the scoreboard!