This is a unique situation, as the world's top names Fernando Belasteguin and Pablo Lima have been sanctioned for the quarter-finals of the Nucia 2015 Open. They were playing against Silingo Agustín Gómez and Cristian Gutiérrez.

The World Padel Tour opened disciplinary proceedings against Fernando and Pablo over an incident with the public in the quarter-finals of the La Nucia Open.

The sports discipline committee had to rule on one or more offenses in the behavior of the two players.
Balance sheet: A financial penalty of 7000 € per player.

Many times during the match, many fans had booed the players, especially Bela.

The player responded with gestures during the match. Bela particularly targeted an area of ​​the stands… After the match, Bela and Lima threw two balls towards this area. A woman was shot. Medical care in a hospital was required.

The Argentinian and the Brazilian apologized soon after by the social networks and the next day after the semi-final.

The cause of the sanction via the video:

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