[vision_content_box style = "green" title = "Note from Padel Magazine ”] The team of Padel Central managed to get this first final phase in his club. Congratulations to Jérôme Becasset who in addition to being your columnist Padel Magazine is also the president of the association Padel Club Lyon. Laurent Bériard and his team have obviously done a lot of work. They were the seed of Lyon padel. Well done to them. [/ vision_content_box]
Padel Central Lyon will host the final phase of the 2015 French championship Padel. The information fell last night during their regional phase. Let's retrace the journey of Padel Central Lyon and the dynamism of the Lyonnais league, through the regional phase of the club.

The FFT believes in it hard as iron »

The FFT believes in the development of the padel and it shows it:

  • On the national level: An unprecedented communication operation with Roland Garros
  • At the local level: many leagues and voluntary and applied committees. Even if there are also some tennis leagues that will start in the padel next year for timing reasons.

Among these pioneering leagues, the league of Lyonnais could be a locomotive. The teams of President Jean WALLACH and himself immediately believed in the padel's potential.

Appraisal: They managed to accompany this "big-bang" padel in the Rhone. The number of tracks available for the Lyonnais padeleros has indeed gone from 1 to 12 in less than a year.

Jean Wallach, Lorie Paire and Lionel Mandrillon: Thoroughly Padel

Lorie PAIRE development manager and Lionel MANDRILLON organized the first Lyonnais de Padel on June 13 and 14 hosted by the Padel Club de Lyon on the facilities of Padel Central Lyon.

During 2 days, 24 men's teams and 4 women's pairs competed to determine the league's first league champions at the same time for the next stage leading to the French championships. The road should not be so important for the next stage ...

Saturday was devoted to matches of 6 boys hens built on the basis of tennis rankings. Their results once again made it possible to check that it is not enough to be ranked well in tennis to be well represented in the padel.

After a turn-on for all pairs, the quarter-finals are formed. At the top of the table, Serge REISINGER and Simon DESLIENS fare after a good fight in two tight sets against Justin LOPES and Nicolas SENE. On their side Johann BERGERON and Pierre Étienne MORILLON come to the end of the beautiful combativity of Franck BOUAZIZ and Arnaud CHAFFANJON.

Below, Arnaud TABONI / Roman DUBOST CHAVRIER and Yoann CHARTRON / Olivier PLANCON will dryly respect the hierarchy facing Fabien LAGUNA / Frederick BAGNARD and Benjamin GARNIER / Bertrand LARDON.

First defeat for BERGERON / MORILLON

The semi-finals played between the 4 best pairs in the region will be indecisive and spectacular. First of all both petronas towers »From the local club DESLIENS / REISINGER will create surprise by inflicting their first defeat in official padel competition to the cannibals Lyonnais BERGERON / MORILLON. A single break in the first set will be enough to award 6 / 4 and after saving a set ball in the tie-break of the second set, they will succeed in avoiding the lottery of the super-tie break. Final score: 6 / 4 7 / 6

Then TABONI / DUBOST CHAVIER will make the difference against CHARTRON / PLANCON on only a few points at the end of each set to win 6 / 4 7 / 5.

Lyonnaises, rivals facing the "big"?

On the side of the girls, with only 4 pairs entered, no matches of hens we attack directly in the semifinals! And if the winners Naomie BEARCROFT and Julie RAVIER who beat in the final Anaïse SINAPIN and Justine CLERET showed a very good potential, it will be interesting to see the famous pairs of the south against the pairs of Lyon.

REISINGER / DESLIENS: Watch closely!

In the men's final, we have surely witnessed the blossoming of one of the best French players to see European (except Spain) for the years to come.

If there is no need to present Serge REISINGER legendary paw and the sense of over-developed tactics that is wonderful on the right, Simon DESLIENS has only 6 months padel practice behind him and is already very impressive and complete on his left side. If Arnaud TABONI and Romain DUBOST CHAVRIER have bravely stood up to 4-4 in the first set, they could only admire and applaud the Simon DESLIENS recital afterwards, which will make the whole palette of the offensive padel player for close this final on the score of 6 / 4 6 / 1.

Given the quality of play displayed by the two local players, this victory suffers no possible challenge. What will they be able to deal with more experienced pairs? We will see, but this pair will not be a gift for anyone.

Padel Central: The French center on October 17 and 18.

The finals of the 2015 French padel championship will not take place in Padel Attitude (Lille), but at Padel Central Lyon.

It is the president of the league of Lyonnais who thus announced it officially: "the organization of the first French padel championships on 17/18 October is entrusted to the Lyonnais league and the Padel Club de Lyon!"... Bravo to them.

Jerome Becasset - Padel Magazine

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