Today the JAP2 Antoine Mouriere tells us about a rule service which concerns in particular the world number 1 Juan Lebrón.

A rule too little respected...

"One thing that has struck me for a while but doesn't bother anyone is the non-respect of a rule at padel. This concerns the service.

It is written black on white in the “rules of the padel” of the FFT but also at the international level, that it is “forbidden to walk, run, jump in the service”.

But every day I see foot faults in tournaments. Many walk and serve with their foot partly on their partner's side.

And by going to see the WPT in Toulouse, I could see that even the world number 1 Juan Lebrón
was scythingte: he systematically takes two steps when serving."

A fault you can see By clicking on this link.

You can also see the correct way to do it, by Maxi Sanchez, by clicking HERE.

And certainly too little known…

“I spoke to a French player in the top 10 and she was not aware of this rule.

Fortunately Benjamin Tison, French number 1, confirmed to me that he knew this rule well and he confirmed to me that it was also valid internationally.

This is an important rule because serving while walking gives the serving player more time to reach the net.”

Those who have read the article will no longer be able to say that they did not know!

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