HEAD is at the forefront of technology and innovates constantly. Below are the technologies used by HEAD for its padel products:

Graphene:  "the strongest and lightest material in the world".

2 graphene grapheneDiscovered in 2004, graphene consists of a simple two-dimensional layer of carbon atoms. 200 has a higher breaking strength than steel, making it ideal for new HEAD tennis racket frames with exceptional qualities.

Graphene technology is the first to allow an ideal redistribution of weight in HEAD snowshoes. Thanks to the presence of Graphene in the handle, it is possible to reduce the weight in the central part of the paddle racket. Instead, the weight is transferred from the handle towards the tip and handle of the racket, areas where it performs a more important function. This unique construction provides players with unprecedented maneuverability and increased momentum. In other words, it is much easier to give a momentum to a racket with Graphene, allowing much more powerful shots. Faced with this technology, your opponents will have a hard time!

The 3 main advantages of using graphene:head Tornado Bela Graphene

  • Increases the SWING WEIGHTThe weight transferred to the head of the head and the handle improves maneuverability and increases the moment of inertia of the racket.
  • INTEGRATION OF GRAPHENEIntegrated with the handle of the racket, the graphene improves the stability and redistributes the weight of ideal way.
  • MORE POWER With this optimized redistribution of weight in the racket, players generate more kinetic energy when they hit the ball. Less effort, but more power!

Other technologies integrated with paddle rackets HEAD

  • It is an elastomer placed between the frame and the rubber, around the entire frame, which amplifies the interaction between the two parts bringing more comfort and a best sweetspot.

C-ring head padel

It is a circular “CHIP” hole pattern with variable size positioned and combined with respect to the C-Ring technologist, for a rigidity adapted to the strike zone and a more forgiving racquet.

chip holes paddle rackets

  • elasto plus padel head illustrationThe coating Elasto + is an eraser in area for an optimal touch.

    Elasto + is a layer of a special rubber compound that sits between the layers of fiberglass on the surface of the racket.

    Result : over power et un toucher without previous

    elasto plus padel racket

racket padel head antishockThe Anti Shock Skin is a ribbon made from a long-lasting and shock-resistant polymer.

Placed above the frame, it protected of the scratch and blows. The Anti Shock Skin makes the racket stand up like no other to blows and rubbing (walls and floors).

The Antishock Skin technology is therefore used as a second skin, a polymer protection for a racket more resistant in time against shocks and scratches.

  • ultrasoft foam head foam

padel gumThe new ULTRA SOFT gum is developed from the already known gum N2, but with a new density and faster shape memory for a improvement du shows and gameplay.


  • N2FOAM foam head

Foam foam n2 head=> Cells plus big here font that la your shape of urethane is plus soft à power without limit

Microscopic vision of the appearance of the cells of the gum:


mousse illustration foam n2

  • flexible chassis

tubular padelThe Flexible Chassis is a new construction in the racket tube to get a softer union with the eraser and thus get a best sweetspot et un plus grand comfort.

This tubular, built from premodeled carbon layers, was designed with the different zones of the frame to give more or less rigidity / flexion to each zone as needed. With this form, the frame is rigid in areas where there is more torsion and is flexible in areas where there is a need for a larger sweetspot.

  • innegra padel logo

innegra padelInnegra technology consists of a tough, tough fiber material combined as an ultra light and rigid composite hybrid compound. Innegra increases frame stability and improves shock absorption for more control. Innegra: it is on average 17% of vibrations in less which thus improves the stability.


HEAD Technology Summary

summary technology head

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.